Collaborations - Little Indians kidswear
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Almost everybody has some kind of dream. Something where you can fantasise about for hours. Our dream is for everybody in the whole wide world to know about Little Indians.
In short: we want to conquer the world! And you can help us to realize this dream.

Everyday we receive adorable and cool pictures of kids wearing Little Indians. Other than the fact this really makes us happy these pictures are a big source of inspiration for other parents.

Together we can make sure everybody gets to know Little Indians. Therefore we would love you to join our world; the world of Little Indians.

We are looking for parents:

1. Who are very active on social media such as Facebook and Instagram
2. With at least 5.000 followers on Instagram and/or a blog or other social media channel
3. Who love to give a glimpse into their everyday life via social media
4. Who make high quality pictures

If this sounds like you, simply send an email with your name and a link to your blog and/or Instagram to

We look forward hearing from you!


Team Little Indians