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Cool moms: Do

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Cool moms: Do

We proudly present Cool moms by Little Indians.
They have a great sense of style and know how to inspire other moms.

This time it's Dutch singer Do. Mother of two! (Jip & Loulou).

Describe your style in 3 words:
Classic French, a little arty with a hint of bohemian.

What do you love the most about Instagram?
It opens up a world to interests and ways of life of people I admire. I also discover art, brands and concepts I wouldn't get to know that easily otherwise.

What do you love about your city?
The sparkling character and the liberal mindset. The freedom to be who you want to be. The Amsterdam citizen is very down to earth and creative. Everyday there is something new to find due to the fast change of trends. It's a metropolitan city but also very child friendly. 

What is your favourite moment of the day?
Sunday morning just after breakfast, when my boyfriend and me are walking the dog through the park with a cup of coffee. Our 2 year old on his bike and our newborn daughter in the stroller. Gives me the most complete scence of peace. 

What is your favourite memory of your child?
So hard to choose just one, but I guess I really love the recent memory of him becoming the proudest brother when he saw his baby sister for the first time. 

Pick and choose your favorite:
 Coffee or Tea: 
• Heels or Flats Flats: 
   Heels (though it’s hard to find the time to wear them at this stage in my life!)
• Wine or Cocktails: 

What is your favorite holiday tip for other families?
I love Italy and Portugal, especially the countryside. The Italians and Portugees are so much into children. And of course great food! Check the website of Kid & Coe for the best destinations to travel with your family. They have the biggest variety of holiday homes for any kind of vacation you desire around the world. 

What are 3 things you can’t live without?
My family, fashion & art, great food.

What is your favourite item for your kids?
We actually have a free pass for the zoo. Even though it’s kind of controversial and I’m not a supporter of locking up wild animals, it’s great to see how little children get introduced to exotic animals. His interest and respect for animals developes in the most amazing way. He is always so excited to see them all, stops and stares at every animal, from the elephant to the beetle. I hope this raises his awareness and loyalty to other living creatures for his adult life. 

What is the best secret or tip you can give other Mommy’s?
Happy parents make happy kids! Bring out the seducive side in you and take some time off to spent with your hubby or wife. Go out for dinner, leave for the weekend, anything that get’s you to realise why you took on this adventure with the one you love. You’re not just a mom, you are a lady, friend and partner too, in raising kids. Working hard and sleeping too little, it will easily happen but you shouldn’t forget! x 


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